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Autumn painting « Jane Horton’s Blog

November 8, 2009

Autumn painting « Jane Horton’s Blog.

This posting is about the struggle I had producing my final Autumn painting and includes photos of various stages of the painting process.


Ideas Chagall, Eden and Autumn

October 10, 2009

Hmmm, four linked projects based on the seasons…. something that will get me going, and make me zing with enthusiasm and keep me going for a W-H-O-L-E year, and motivated enough to keep my eyes open and wanting to paint in the winter evenings after work…..

Well, I figure if I do the things I like best then I stand a chance.  That’s painting people, preferably with no clothes on, and landscapes.  Combine the two and what have you got?  Possibly the Garden of Eden, complete with Adam and Eve, or at the very least Eve, or maybe various classical scenes, with Jupiter prancing around as in the closest the late Renaissance got to erotica.  That gets me thinking….  I think Chagall’s dreamy, fairy tale pictures with rich colour contrasts and classical lovers in Greek landscapes will get me started…. or maybe the lush heavy landscapes of Giorgione.

What about Cranach’s almost comical Venus standing wantonly with an apple in the ‘Shall I shan’t I?’ pose, coquettishly, encouragingly in a carefully designed landscape with the funky apple tree behind her. (National Gallery, London copyright).  I like the stylised nature of this image, with the rings of Saturn round her head.   It is such a jolly image, I find it hard to imagine the artist had his mind anything but the creation of a rather a magical landscape complete with nubile decorative young woman.