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Blocks and unblocking

February 4, 2010

I was distressed to hear of a colleague’s complete blockage on painting today, but it chimed with me. How to you ‘go back’ when you think you have moved forward and then realise that you haven’t after all, in a creative sense? I am currently still totally focussed on iPhone art and a commission I have. Does this move me anywhere? Actually, I think ultimately it does. My observational skills have definitely improved since using my iPhone as a sketch pad, since it is always with me to capture moments I would otherwise miss, AND I have a painting commission worth a bit of money. Since I am struggling financially, this is pretty motivating, and when it comes down to it, has made me think. He wants a triptych. Now why should I produce a triptych on order? Well, apart from the money, I needed to find a justification, and just that exercise has stimulated the creative cells. Its sometimes just serendipity that finds a path through blocks, I think I’ve found mine … 🙂